We share authentic ideas.

We seek honest conversations.

We are curious and courageous.

Always inspired to keep moving forward.

Born out of passion for music and people, founded in 2010 by Steffi Kim, at a time when few women were in the field, KIMKOM has attained recognition for over a decade for its distinctive characteristics.

Always inspired to keep moving forward the firm is now partnering with the fashion & music industry, digital pioneers, and federal agencies. The client roster speaks for itself.

As a first-generation South Korean born and raised in Germany, Steffi Kim knows the complexities of diverse cultures and lifestyles.

Clients & Partners

Our services:


We are at the forefront of communication for digital pioneers, lifestyle brands, iconic music artists, festivals and events.

Our team leads a friendly, full-service agency that includes media management, VIP invitations & influencer relations, from a national to a global scale.


We are the secret ingredient to your campaign. How to maximize publicity & marketing results. 

We implement your campaign to its best, to the media and to your audience –from content production, graphic design, event production and management. 


We offer a calm & courteous service to the artist that goes above and beyond the norm. We focus on strategy, goals & milestones with the outlook for a long-term career.

Our unique network and experience are a benefit to talent.

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