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We offer a calm & courteous consulting to the clients that goes above and beyond the norm. We develop and oversee strategies for talents and brands alike to set milestones with the outlook for holistic and sustainable solutions.

Our unique network and experience are a benefit to the client’s success.

Reliable and at the forefront.


We are the secret ingredient to your campaign. How to maximize publicity & marketing results.

We implement your campaign to its best, to the media and to your audience –from content production, graphic design, event production and management.


We are at the forefront of communication for digital pioneers, lifestyle brands, iconic music artists, festivals and events.

Our team leads a friendly, full-service agency that includes media management, VIP invitations & influencer relations, from a national to a global scale.

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Founder, agency owner, music executive

Steffi Kim is an experienced communications executive and expert in Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. Having worked for some of the most renowned innovative organizations, she was most recently the first Director of DEI in the European music industry, at Warner Music Central Europe until she decided to focus on her agency. 


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by our founder Stefanie Kim

Podcast: arm & trotzdem (German)

»Steffi Kim und Falk Schacht sprechen mit bekannten Gästen darüber, wie es wirklich ist, im reichen Deutschland in Armut aufzuwachsen.«

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